My name is E.T. Russian.  I am an artist and writer living in Seattle, Washington. This website includes work from my past, as well as current works.

Joyce Carol Oates says the desire to produce creative work is akin to the desire some people have to bear children – it is essential to the experience of life.  I do not plan on bearing children, but I must create in order to live.  I believe in story telling and documenting lived experience.  Much of my work is motivated by the desire to tell my own stories and to hold space for the stories of others.  I believe in what playwright Anna Deavere Smith says, that people have an ‘organic poetry’ to the way they talk, and I strive to capture that magic in my work.

Queerness and race, the disability experience, healthcare, science, community dynamics, power and control, smut, and the spiritual realm are central themes in my work.

Icons hold a lot of inspiration for me.  I have artists, organizations and thinkers that I draw from regularly for hope and guidance. Some of those influences are James Baldwin, Bob Flanagan, Louise Bourgeois, The Hernandez Brothers, Tom of Finland, Sins Invalid, drag performers everywhere, Annie Sprinkle, Frida Kahlo, Charlene Curtiss, Anna Deavere Smith, Langston Hughes and Frans Masereel.  And, of course punk and do-it-yourself culture.  I love the color black and making things with no money at all.