I am interested in things that are low, horizontal and forgotten. I use a wheelchair and crawl a lot. I love broken things and making new things from broken things. After decades of making comics, while simultaneously exploring the cultural aspects of disability and chronic illness I became interested in the intersection: multi-sensory art. I thought how do people who are blind, Deaf or neurodivergent access art? How can I make things that stimulate multiple senses at once? I want my work to reach a wider audience, not just people who read comics, but watch videos, listen to sounds, like to touch things, and move their bodies.

I am largely self-taught and over the years I’ve learned to dance, draw, record sounds, make movies, publish, produce, direct and sculpt. I have no formal animation skills; I make what I call “video comics”. Now I produce large-scale multi-sensory video comic installations.

I am an artist and writer living in occupied Duwamish and Coast Salish territory aka Seattle. This website includes work from my past, as well as current works.

There are many artists, organizations and thinkers that I draw from regularly for hope and guidance, in my life and my creative work. Some of those influences are my friends and family, people who seek to be a positive influence on the world. James Baldwin, Bob Flanagan, Louise Bourgeois, Yayoi Kusama, The Hernandez Brothers, Tom of Finland, Sins Invalid, drag performers everywhere, Annie Sprinkle, Frida Kahlo, Charlene Curtiss, Anna Deavere Smith, Langston Hughes and Frans Masereel. Punk and do-it-yourself culture.  The color black and making things with no money at all.