My book The Ring of Fire Anthology was published by Left Bank Books and is distributed by AK Press, as well as other major book distributors. ORDER A COPY through Left Bank Books and AK Press.

ROF cover FINAL - 300 dpi copy copyIMG_6106IMG_6102


The Ring of Fire Anthology is beautiful, sexy, and thought provoking all at the same time. If ever you’ve needed stories, art, poetry, and bad-ass rabble-rousing that connect disability and queerness, sexiness and radical anti-capitalist politics, look no further. ET Russian’s vivid work lives and breathes these connections.” – Eli Clare, author of Exile and Pride

Ring of Fire is one of the zines that had the most significant impact on my thinking. I am thrilled to see gripping material from Ring of Fire combined with insightful, transformative new writing and images about disability justice, health care, art and activism being distributed as a book. A new generation of activists will now get to use these materials to reexamine their communities and transform the world. ET Russian’s clarity, honesty and insight is a phenomenal contribution to today’s activists building disability justice tools and frameworks in multiple movements and communities.” Dean Spade, author of Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics and the Limits of Law

“ET Russian’s work has taken my breath away on more than one occasion. At once deeply thoughtful and bold, political and human, Russian’s work stirs our collective magnificence in service of our liberation. Russian has continuously contributed so much to disability justice work and community and I have no doubt that The Ring of Fire Anthology will do the same.”  Mia Mingus, author of Leaving Evidence

“The Ring of Fire Anthology is a collection of Russian’s well-known zine that she began making in the ‘90s. Russian writes with passion, urgency, thoughtfulness, and an amazing sense of humor about disability, queerness, sex, body image, health care, and anarchism. Some drawings might make you blush, but you will come away deeply respecting her and this amazing body of work.” SHORT RUN FEST recommended Ring of Fire in Bitch Magazine  in “Six Great Small Press Titles to Seek Out”.           

FURLED / UNFURLED (2015 edition)

This limited edition zine comic has hand-screened covers with gold ink on black paper.



Check out this incredible collection I have a piece in! It’s edited by Mita Mahato, Eroyn Franklin and Kelly Froh. My comic is titled “Girls Gone Bile”.


GIRLS GONE BILE is an adventure in body fluids

GIRLS GONE BILE is an adventure in body fluids


I have a comic panel in this ground-breaking book on graphic medical narratives, published by Penn State Press.


THE HAND (2015)
THE HAND is a Seattle comics collective I am part of. This is our 2015 comic book. My piece in it is titled “If the Glove Fits”.
IMG_6049IMG_6055THE COLLECTIVE TAROT (2008, 2010, 2011)

The Collective Tarot is a tarot deck created by artists largely from the Pacific Northwest. It is now in its third edition.  I designed the Death card and four cards from the Keys suit.



Gay Genius is a comic anthology edited by Annie Murphy featuring queer comics on the theme of history.  It was published by Sparkplug Press, out of Portland, Oregon in 2011. My comic is entitled “Tanis Doe”. Read this review in The Comics Journal.

gay geniusIMG_6093


My most well known zine is titled RING OF FIRE. I began self-publishing RING OF FIRE in 1996.

ROF 2 cover  ROF 3 cover


My work can be found through AK Press, Left Bank Books, Mend My Dress Press, Fantagraphics, at your local book store, library and comic shop, and directly through me.

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